Adults Have Many Options Today to Get Straighter Teeth

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Adults Have Many Options Today to Get Straighter Teeth

My crooked teeth always bothered me, but I didn't want to wear typical metal braces for years as an adult. I thought that was my only option until I brought up the subject one day to my dentist. He told me that there were so many more options today that I should consider. I made an appointment with an orthodontist to discuss my options, and he said that I was a great candidate for invisible teeth aligners. He said that other people would not even notice them in my mouth, and that I likely only needed to wear them for a year. I was so happy I made that first appointment, because I now have straight teeth and am so happy with my smile. I created this blog to help other adults realize they have many discreet teeth-straightening options today. No should live with a smile they don't love!

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2 Tips To Keep Stainless Crowns From Loosening Prematurely

Stainless steel crowns can be used at any age in order to control tooth decay. However, they are commonly found in younger children. Once in place, the stainless steel crown will work to protect contaminants from penetrating the tooth. The material is extremely durable but with constant wear and tear, it will eventually loosen. A loosened crown is dangerous since it can allow for food and other particles to seep into the tooth. Read More 

Dealing With Your Damaged Teeth: Tips For You

If you have teeth that are damaged and cause you pain or discomfort or that are just unsightly, you may find yourself looking for ways that you can improve the situation. There are numerous dental treatments that you can choose from to help you deal with your damaged tooth or teeth and get your smile back to what you want it to be. Get to know some of these treatment options so that you can choose the best option for you and your teeth, and schedule your dental appointment as soon as possible. Read More 

Are Dental Bridges Right For You?

If you have suffered from tooth loss, a dental bridge could be a good option to restore your smile. Dental bridges consist of a false tooth that is anchored to two adjacent teeth so as to replace a lost tooth. The false tooth used usually resembles your natural teeth, helping to make your smile complete and whole again while improving your dental function. Furthermore, a bridge can help prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth after tooth loss, preventing other dental complications such as a misaligned bite and crooked teeth. Read More 

Does Your Child Have A Lisp? They May Need Braces

If your child talks with a slight lisp and you think it's because of how their adult teeth are coming into the mouth, there are a few professionals that can give you advice and treatment for the situation. Your child's speech will change as they age and develop and as they lose teeth and their oral structure changes over time. There are many problems that could be causing the lisp. Here are a few things you want to look into. Read More 

Should Figure Skaters Wear Mouth Guards?

Few figure skaters understand the dangers that their sport poses to the health of their teeth. Many figure skaters practice and perform without mouth guards: this is a mistake. Figure skaters should at least practice with mouth guards to protect their teeth against damage caused by failed routines. Impact Can Cause Chipped Teeth It's hard to think of figure skating as an "impact sport," but imagine what would happen if you missed a jump and landed hard on the ground. Read More